Imbolc Swells, Snow and Sunshine

I tend to feel spring is starting to spring when I first see a sweet little snowdrop poking through the cold ground. I haven’t seen any yet, although daffodils are beginning to brave the crazy weather. There has been swell for the past few days. It got big yesterday, heavy and mesmerising. When I go […]

cariad cuff bangle

Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus!

Happy Santes Dwynwen Day! Dwynwen (‘She who lives a blessed life’) is the patron saint of lovers in Wales. Her story is a very old one, with various sources and versions, not least that old rascal Iolo Morgannwg. To pretty it up for selling things (like my awesome Cariad jewellery for instance!), the less palatable […]

bootcamp image

Review of my Jewellers Academy Membership – fantastic value, just loved it!

Farewell, Jewellers Academy…it’s a sad day. My subscription has run out! And although they offered a half price renewal, I just don’t have the money. It ain’t there. But I think that at some point, maybe next year, I will really splash out and do a Diploma with Jessica Rose and the crew, because wow, […]


Warning: not even slightly seaglass or jewellery-related… Apparently Clap for Carers started up again last week as Clap for Heroes – I didn’t know, and I don’t think my village partook this time around. There are less of us than in the first lockdown, because the second-home owners don’t find it as appealing in January […]

Launching My Business!

I have been making seaglass and silver jewellery for ten years now, since I moved from Cornwall back home to Wales. It’s grown from a hobby to a side hustle, and now it’s time to really let the business fly. I’ve got so many ideas and plans buzzing around in my head, and I just […]

Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures now stocks Surfergirl’s Seaglass! I was so excited and happy to be asked to stock my jewellery in this new gift shop in Cardigan. They are selling lovely stuff, from local artwork to candles, CBD bath bombs, herbal teas, homewares, cushions, cards and so much more… Check out their Facebook page and please […]


My latest creations are stacks of seaglass threaded onto silver wire…these are ready for chain now, and I am actually going to keep one for myself this time! When I search Pinterest for ‘back chain’ or ‘back necklace’ I get lots of wedding jewellery…but I love having a dangle at the nape of my neck, […]


Lessons from Jeju – I just love this.

Carreg Bica

Silver Open Spiral Earrings Tutorial

I’ve had this pair of earrings (left) for years, but never seen anything else quite like them on sale. A friend asked me to make her a pair, so I set about working out how to do it. As usual, it wasn’t quite as straightforward as I thought! So I decided to do my first […]

Ocean Warrioress

Mark Visser jumping off a jet ski into the impact zone at Jaws…the clip is only a few seconds, and worth a watch. Nuts.  Except it’s not that nuts, if you’ve trained and thought about doing this kind of things for years and years. In the accompanying Magic Seaweed article, he says actually he was […]

Winter surf

The surf was great today – light offshores and 3ft plus of clean waves rolling in. Once again I’m not well enough to enjoy it – but I did enjoy watching from the warmth of the pub! The pic is taken when it had dropped off quite a lot. Busy making new jewellery for the […]