Curly Girl Method Part 4 – wildcard products

I have a three-drawer stacker in my bathroom and two drawers is hair stuff, no joke…so I have my favourites, but many more too.

These two are current faves. The bottle on the right is my refresh spray, which is just water and leave-in conditioner at the moment.

The Curls Unleashed was a lucky buy from an Afro Beauty Queen shop, I’m not sure which one… These are small shops stuffed with curly girl heaven. All the products you won’t see in Boots, won’t find anywhere else in the country. The wonderful things that are made in India, Africa, all over the world. I remember an avocado sticky mess from Uganda which smelt heavenly. Amla, which creates insane shine and softness, and is so cheap. A choice of wigs and weaves I am always in awe of. Accessories I haven’t seen since 80s chemists, and miss.

Always crammed full, with narrow aisles and slightly dusty shelves, and staffed by irritable Indian men (not sure why, when it’s a women’s arena). I get very suspicious looks when I go in. Then I spend about £100 (because I never go to cities so have to get it all at once, as you only find them in multicultural wonders like Wolverhampton (my fave), Brum or London) and they perk up a bit, and sometimes chuck in a freebie.

So Aunt Jackie’s deserves a mention because almost everything I’ve used has been excellent. Search for it on eBay and you’ll find sellers with the full range – I love the no-sulphate shampoo shown here, and the oils.

If you can’t find an Afro-stylee shop, go to sites like Naturally Curly and see what they’re talking about then check eBay. There are also tons more choices in places like Boots these days. I also find TKMaxx a great place to ferret out things you don’t find anywhere else, like everything Oliology. And of course they have everything on Amazon; search curly girl.

Just enjoy trying things, but don’t buy a whole set of expensive stuff (like Aveda, say) before trying some of it out in samples, or one product, or at your hairdresser’s. You can end up really disappointed (Cocunat, you again…). Take advice from your hairdresser, IF they know how to cut curly hair. Those who do are gold.

Oh, and buy a silk pillowcase and a silk scrunchie or two.

More goodies from the Afro shops – yes, I am obsessed. Black Castor Oil is sold under lots of brands and in different formulas; it’s great for deep conditioning, making your own serums etc. and for hair growth.

Doctor Vatika – all good stuff, a must-try. Also look out for Cantu. My hair personally just adores the Pink Oil hair lotion – awful bottle, beaut stuff!

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