Launching My Business!

I have been making seaglass and silver jewellery for ten years now, since I moved from Cornwall back home to Wales. It’s grown from a hobby to a side hustle, and now it’s time to really let the business fly.

I’ve got so many ideas and plans buzzing around in my head, and I just know it’s going to be the best challenge for me to focus on this.

I’ll still be working at Cardigan Bay Watersports as well, because it fits so well with the whole ocean-based lifestyle that Surfergirl’s Seaglass is all about – and I just love it!

COVID-19 has made 2020 a pretty wild ride, but I have searched for and found many blessings as well as negatives. I had lots of time to make jewellery in the heatwave of spring 2020, lots of stir-crazy visitors eager to buy a piece of Wales in the summer, lots of fun seaglass hunting and also time to get stuck in to all the content on the awesome Jewellers Academy.

Although I now have no job/s (I had four!) and am on Universal Credit, even that has its upsides… The New Enterprise Allowance gives me a bit extra and, even better, a business mentor! My first business meeting went well, and I enjoyed pitching my ideas. I wasn’t even nervous! I am confident in my work, and those who say “Oh, but you can’t make a living out of your little hobby…” WATCH ME!

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