Curly Girl Method Part 2 – For Your Curls products review

Part two is a review of a set of products I bought at the end of 2020 because they were having a sale, and the reviews seemed genuine.

I’m glad I gave this a go, because it was £20 for the set you see below and a nice bag for them. It smells clean and fresh but not overpowering, and it just bloody works.

The shampoo is great; no-sulphate shampoos tend to be around the £8 and up mark in Boots, but this all comes out a lot cheaper. You don’t need to use loads.

The conditioner, same. I prefer a bigger bottle cos you always use more conditioner, amiright.

The leave-in isn’t the best I’ve ever used, but I then wouldn’t slap it on like the Garnier, because there’s less of it for the money, so maybe that’s not fair.

The spray is lovely, works really well at fluffing without frizzing, and I will keep it for going ‘out’ – which hasn’t happened since I bought the stuff, so after testing it there’s plenty left!!

I’ll be back for more from them, and for once am happy with what an Instagram advert has delivered (Cocunat, still not happy with you!).

Part three…the wonderful Olew.

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