World Oceans Day

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Happy World Oceans Day… Promised myself I’d get out on the water this week; didn’t happen. I wanted to go and take some lovely pictures. I really want to capture the oystercatchers that live around Ysglan – there are usually seven, give or take, every year, and I just think they’re beautiful. One day, I’ll […]



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I just read The Times Magazine (from July – it takes me a while to get to this nonsense). I’m actually unimpressed by the whole thing – the journos are sneery about pretty much everything and everyone. (Don’t touch Joanna Lumley.) The Style spread was two pages of a description of ‘Smutton, pronounced “sch-mutton”: the […]


Llyn Brianne

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Llyn Brianne is a stunning place, simply stunning. (Also bitterly cold and windy!) We walked around the RSPB reserve which is also beautiful. The icy cold, clear air and peacefulness was just perfect. Christmas and New Year has left me exhausted from lots of work and too much food, so it’s time to get myself […]