March Meet The Maker Instagram challenge

This year, I have decided to take on the March Meet The Maker challenge. It runs for the whole of March, and the idea is to post on Instagram every day, following the prompts that the creator Joanne Hawker has posted.

This is really going to be a challenge! But also loads of fun. I have printed out the prompts sheet and filled it in really quickly. Now I just have to take those photos and write those captions! Easy…

I’m going to get started on the first week’s prompts right now. Can’t wait to see what other people are doing, and find some awesome new makers to follow!

My fave prompts for this first week are: 3. Beliefs and Values – I get to write about ocean conservation and 5. Newest make – I have some stamped and engraved tags on the go which I love, but they might be usurped by some ear cuffs I have planned.

Workshop and photo studio (haha) here I come!

And thank goodness I have Tailwind for all my planning…

#marchmeetthemaker – follow the fun.

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