Yoga Zoom

Most people now have a good idea of how to use Zoom, and the etiquette that goes with it. I’ve even seen but not watched some YouTubes showing you how to look good okay on Zoom calls (personally I just use a dim corner).

Yoga is one where it’s kinda weird without the others in the room with you. And you hope they’ve turned the Speaker view on and aren’t watching you on a dodgy angle via Gallery.

One thing that really pisses me off, though, is interrupting. It’s not a meeting, it’s a class. Would you, if you needed the loo, shout over the teacher, “I need the loo, can I go? I’m going to the loo, I’ll be back in a minute”. We don’t care. Just go, then come back. We’re all adults, you don’t even need to raise your hand (or a chat screen).

Similarly, if your iPad is about to die, we don’t care – just leave, and explain it to the instructor later. Don’t, as we’ve all just settled into Sivasana (relaxation) unmute yourself and give us preacher-volume chapter and verse on the percentage of battery you’ve got, how you tried to charge it but it won’t, and then five apologies that you have to leave. Honestly, just leave. We won’t even notice because we are kind of, you know, RELAXING. QUIETLY.

Rant over…

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