Curly Girl Method Part 3 – I Love Olew

So here’s a premium (I don’t mean ‘expensive’) curly-girl product line called ‘Olew‘ (oil) and made locally in Wales too. I’ve been watching this female-led brand grow and once I could afford it (haha no I couldn’t really) I bought myself a little gift set of the cream, oil and a golden scrunchie, which turned out to be beautifully huge.

Not massively keen on the labels/logos, but that doesn’t matter, and at least it’s not boho/hipster/boring. Glass is defo better than plastic and I hope they’ll offer some refill option somehow someway in the future.

Of course the main thing is does it WORK, and yesssss it does. I just loved my wash-day results. I used my usual-leave in (see part 1) first, then one pipette squirt of the oil, and a couple of finger-tip-fulls of the cream.

The smell might not suit everyone – it’s herby and fresh, but fades once it’s dried so it’s not OTT. I can smell rosemary for sure.

I haven’t tried the shampoo or conditioner yet – but I 100% will. So happy that I can support this Welsh small business and get lush curls at the same time. Yay!

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