Honey has been left alone since the marine park she ‘lives’ in was closed in January 2018. She’s fed, but otherwise abandoned. I hate all the Taiji stuff, any and all pictures of captive dolphins, but somehow Honey upsets me so, so much. She was captured in 2005 at Taiji.

I want to bring her to Cardigan Bay and let the local dolphins show her how to live again. I can’t do that, I know… but Ric O’Barry wants to do something similar. His Dolphin Project is awesome, and I want to support them, probably with a percentage of sales from Surfergirl’s Seaglass.

If you’re reading this, please sign the petition on the Dolphin Project page.


What can I do for Honey? 
[]Write – blog post
[]Write – story
[]Shop – buy some nice shit from DP 
[]Donate – Dolphin Project percentage of sales
[]Write – ask for an update
[]Instagram – talk about her
[]Instagram – talk about donation
[]SGS – create a special Honey pendant and all money to DP
[]SGS – create a dolphin product line featuring Cardigan Bay dolphins with profits to MSC. 
[]Mickey – help with his underwater cleanup somehow 
[]Visit Japan and the marine park 
[]Volunteer at the cove 
[]Watch The Cove and Blackfish and talk about them 
[]Create my ocean literacy placemats 
[]Write – to some of the people on the Honey page https://dolphinproject.com/take-action/save-japan-dolphins/ 

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