Warning: not even slightly seaglass or jewellery-related…

Apparently Clap for Carers started up again last week as Clap for Heroes – I didn’t know, and I don’t think my village partook this time around. There are less of us than in the first lockdown, because the second-home owners don’t find it as appealing in January as it was in the hot spring of 2020…

So I’ve seen a few poor exhausted health care professionals saying please don’t clap, just stay at home. Or even, we don’t want your clapping, stay at home. The Mirror said some see it an ’empty gesture’ (I know, The Mirror…)

I get it. Thing is, I don’t think it’s all about them, awesome though they  are.

Clapping for carers brings a community together – not physically close, of course…but out of your front door,  you can wave to others on your street, share smiles, check if so-and-so is getting on okay without having to bother them directly (some proud older people really value their independence around here).

It’s the feeling of taking part in something positive. It’s uplifting. Good for one’s mental health.

It’s something we can all do when we can’t, actually, DO very much…except not do most of the things we usually like to do. Maybe for some it alleviates that bit of frustration at being so powerless. (I wanted to volunteer as a Covid Marshal locally, but with my asthma I can’t. Boo.)

And if everyone clapping reminds just one person, or persuades just one person, to stay at home, that’s got to be a good thing.

Solidarity. Reminding everyone we’re all in this together. We’re in different craft, but we’re all out in the same storm. (Oh, I can’t wait to sail my Byte…)

Some health care people might not welcome it, but others will. Does it make one knackered nurse smile? Hope so. It sure makes those taking part smile.

The whingeing and negativity that rose in response to this initiative is a shame. It’s harmless, and may even help in some small ways.

So maybe those who are irritated by the clapping (and if that’s how they feel, that’s how they feel) should instead say, don’t JUST clap, also follow the rules!



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