Yoga Zoom

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Most people now have a good idea of how to use Zoom, and the etiquette that goes with it. I’ve even seen but not watched some YouTubes showing you how to look good okay on Zoom calls (personally I just use a dim corner). Yoga is one where it’s kinda weird without the others in […]


Imbolc Swells, Snow and Sunshine

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I tend to feel spring is starting to spring when I first see a sweet little snowdrop poking through the cold ground. I haven’t seen any yet, although daffodils are beginning to brave the crazy weather. There has been swell for the past few days. It got big yesterday, heavy and mesmerising. When I go […]


Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus!

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cariad cuff bangle

Happy Santes Dwynwen Day! Dwynwen (‘She who lives a blessed life’) is the patron saint of lovers in Wales. Her story is a very old one, with various sources and versions, not least that old rascal Iolo Morgannwg. To pretty it up for selling things (like my awesome Cariad jewellery for instance!), the less palatable […]

Surfergirl's Seaglass


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Warning: not even slightly seaglass or jewellery-related… Apparently Clap for Carers started up again last week as Clap for Heroes – I didn’t know, and I don’t think my village partook this time around. There are less of us than in the first lockdown, because the second-home owners don’t find it as appealing in January […]