Today I went onto Facebook for the first time in a long time. I saw some funny, cute and cool stuff. It was great to ‘catch up’ with close friends who I don’t see any more due to massive distances. I learned a few things.

But in general, I was reminded why I don’t really use Facebook. My feed is full of adverts which are not relevant to me, timewasting bullshit and too much negativity. Life itself is very much like that, I suppose, but it’s not something I want to voluntarily submit to.

When I looked up from my phone, an hour had gone, and the light had changed over the hillside. I wish I’d watched that instead.

I’m torn, because there are some things I’m really glad I got to share in, such as hen do memories…but much more that was sad, confusing, dull, insipid, self-righteous…and so on. I think I’ll look at my friends list, the pages I follow and groups I’m in, and cut out a lot of it. And I’ll limit it to once a week or so, and make it a part of my business strategy rather than a random waste of time.

Then maybe I can go on Facebook and not get that Facebook-hangover feeling – overwhelmed, a bit dirty, a bit annoyed, and even more exhausted. It can be a great vehicle for change, for promotion, for stories and celebrating life, but unless I can filter the lows, I won’t have the energy to enjoy the occasional highs.

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