Silver Carreg Bica and Green Llangrannog Seaglass Pendant £36


MORE COMING SOON! If you would like a Carreg Bica please contact me and I can pair it with a piece of seaglass of your choice.

This pendant is part of my signature range featuring Carreg Bica, the guardian rock of beautiful Llangrannog bay.

A 19mm eco-silver disc handmade and hand-engraved with the outline of Carreg Bica. A small piece of green seaglass hangs next to it.

Hung on an 18-inch silver curb chain with bolt clasp.

It comes presented in a recycled card box with black foam insert and an anti-tarnish strip.

When not in use, the pendant is best kept in its box with the lid on, so the anti-tarnish strip can do its work. If you shower, swim, play sports etc. you should take it off, or at least be aware that such activities can cause damage.

Tarnish is a natural process which discolours silver. Chemicals in hair products, perfumes and the general environment cause this. You can wash your jewellery in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth, or use a polishing cloth infused with silver cleaner to buff it up.

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