Honey has been left alone since the marine park she ‘lives’ in was closed in January 2018. She’s fed, but otherwise abandoned. I hate all the Taiji stuff, any and all pictures of captive dolphins, but somehow Honey upsets me so, so much. She was captured in 2005 at Taiji.

I want to bring her to Cardigan Bay and let the local dolphins show her how to live again. I can’t do that, I know… but Ric O’Barry wants to do something similar. His Dolphin Project is awesome, and I want to support them, probably with a percentage of sales from Surfergirl’s Seaglass.

If you’re reading this, please sign the petition on the Dolphin Project page.


What can I do for Honey? 
[]Write – blog post
[]Write – story
[]Shop – buy some nice shit from DP 
[]Donate – Dolphin Project percentage of sales
[]Write – ask for an update
[]Instagram – talk about her
[]Instagram – talk about donation
[]SGS – create a special Honey pendant and all money to DP
[]SGS – create a dolphin product line featuring Cardigan Bay dolphins with profits to MSC. 
[]Mickey – help with his underwater cleanup somehow 
[]Visit Japan and the marine park 
[]Volunteer at the cove 
[]Watch The Cove and Blackfish and talk about them 
[]Create my ocean literacy placemats 
[]Write – to some of the people on the Honey page https://dolphinproject.com/take-action/save-japan-dolphins/ 

World Mental Health Day

All right, it was yesterday, but I was feeling like the picture (left)…dark, damp and chasm-y… 

Everything the Royals are doing with Heads Together is so inspiring, and everywhere I go it seems there are conversations, promotions (Lloyds Bank today) and just a bit more understanding.

With the funeral yesterday of a 32-year old killed locally there was a lot of sadness around, and many people barely know how to deal with the more negative of their emotions. You don’t have to be happy all the time, or strong all the time. Getting drunk might help, but it’s not a lasting solution. Mates are important. Family.

I think Heads Together have got it so right with their new digital ideas too – online help and support is the way to go. If I want to explore possibilities for what the fuck is going on, those resources (especially other peoples’ experiences) are so useful.

For me this month, focusing over-hard on what I want to achieve has frightened me into inertia, and a lack of sleep in my nights and rhythm to my days has unhinged me a bit.

So tonight is an early one, and tomorrow will be better…like tonight’s sunset (same place, different focus).