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Sea Pottery Necklace

necklaceEntered my first piece of sea pottery jewellery into Pontgarreg Produce Show and came second! Quite pleased with that, as first was a very pretty bracelet of wirework that I wouldn’t have had a clue how to make.

This piece isn’t going to be sold — it’s for a Christmas Present. Definitely going to make loads more though, partly because drilling pottery is a lot easier than seaglass!

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Relentless Boardmasters…final thoughts

I’m still thinking about the weekend! I wish wish wish there was some surf up here. Anyway, some final thoughts on some random aspects of Boardmasters 2011:

Good: Tuaca Point was booming from start to finish. The little stage area was genius, so people could get different views, and the stage itself was small so everyone had a great view of the light show and the happy DJs whipping up a crowd who didn’t need much whipping. Free Tuaca would have made it even better…mmm.

Bad: Ticket queues, in fact any queues. After the first one, we didn’t do anything that required queuing for more than two minutes. Not even getting a drink from a machine.

Good: Stages in general. Loads more than the year before last, and some gems to be uncovered inside them.

Bad: Girls in the required uniform of vest and tiny shorts, far, far too many of whom should never, ever wear denim hotpants. I class myself in that category (at the moment), so I didn’t wear them. And what’s wrong with leggings?!



The ace 'Spaceport' VIP tent, the DJ was going off and it was way early!

Good: VIP bar — great DJs, creative use of the space, decent loos and no queue for the bar, plus comfy blowup chairs and plenty of off-it people to watch on the dancefloor.

Bad: Rain. Never stops anyone at Boardmasters, but it got a bit cold once the sun was well down. It’s August! Stop raining! But the site drains so quickly, there wasn’t any mud, so once it stopped it was game on.

Good: UV! I love UV… paint, makeup, lights, clothes, everything. Plus the mad floppy day-glo hats and flashing rings which were this year’s must-have tat.

Bad: My camera dying in the rain…but it always recovers after some TLC. I hope!

Good: The girl who got shoved up onto a big lad in a dress’s shoulders, then he reached up and pulled her top down. She had a choice between dropping her expensive cider and falling off or just (literally) grinning and bearing it. Big boobs, so she chose to let them swing for a bit. That and the 3-year-old ‘avin it to Sub Focus.

Bad: Drink prices. Ouch. You have to be ‘merry’ before you get in there, or sneak it in, and that’s a lottery. Let people take some in, I’m not talking crates, and they’ll spend more time ON the site, therefore wandering around the stalls, eateries etc. and spending money.

Good: The fish tank pedicure. I wasn’t brave enough to have my feet nibbled by little fish, and somehow I think it’d be cruel on them, or they’d take my whole toe off as I have little fish painted on them! Funny to watch though.

Bad: Loads of stalls doing posh burgers and Kernow sausage etc., but far less provision for veggies than I’ve ever seen at a festival. And at Fistral, it was the awful burger bar or the chippy. Rubbish.

Good: The staff. Everyone was so helpful and nice, from the people waving the cars in to the security. All there to enjoy the atmosphere, not be jobsworths.

Bad: Trying to track down a logger girl to talk to. The English ones didn’t get to the final, so I think probably went off to find better waves and/or a jug of beer! Amazing to see a women’s contest on at Fistral again though. More please! And don’t put the best heats on at low tide, show them off.

Tuaca Ladies Longboard Final at Relentless Energy Drink Boardmasters 2011 from Boardmasters TV on Vimeo.

Good: The standard of the surfing — as it was the 30th Boardmasters, they’d bumped it up to a 6-star WQS event, the highest they go. We had fun guessing which country which tanned power-surfing nugget came from, and they don’t just pull those airs on videos, either.

Bad: No pets allowed any more! Boo! Although it’s grown so much I can totally see why.

Good: Pizza Express’s stand — hot, instant, and dripping with cheese. Mmmmm.

Bad: Rubbish. Just put it in a bag while you’re taking your tent down, then pop it next to a bin. Seriously, it’s easy. We need some Glasto-style green police onto these kids.

Best: Of course, bmibaby, for being the best budget airline out there and sending me and my boyf to Boardmasters! Low fares, easy booking, luggage allowances…the airline of choice! For more information or to book visit www.bmibaby.com.

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Boardmasters wrap up

Back from Boardmasters, and time to sort my life out and get back to reality…which I’m looking forward to, actually! Thanks, oh such massive thanks, to bmibaby for giving me two tickets, I’d never have made it otherwise and it was, as Boardmasters always is, an experience!

We spent as much time watching heats as music — because the contest was bumped up to 6 stars, the talent was immense, and they made the most of the waves on offer. I love Fistral, so many banks and space for all the hundreds of surfers on it.

One surfer friend said, ‘This is just an excuse to dress weird and get smashed, it’s not about the surfing for most of them at all.’ True enough, but if you come and don’t even watch a heat, you’re missing so much! The surfing was awesome, airs being pulled all over the show and making the most of some solid and messy conditions. Fistral is such an amphitheatre, and with the retail village and the ramp as well, it should be on the must-do list.

The retail village, with the ramp on the left and the Headland Hotel in the distance




There was some rain, but that rarely stops play at a festival, and I’ve seen Boardmasters a mudbath! Music I loved – Krafty Kuts and everyone who played Tuaca Point, Fat Boy Slim’s light show was stunning, Zane Lowe read the crowd very well, and Sub Focus were dirty! Check out the kid on the left, loving it!

Unfortunately, having to wait four hours to get in on Friday rather curtailed our goals music-wise. An awful, awful system — do you really want to piss the media off before they’re even in there?!

Otherwise, though, the site has grown and everything is well organised. The crowd is quite a young one, but everyone’s welcome and there’s no trouble. (Except that my tent with its Welsh flag got slashed, which was upsetting – what is the mentality of some people?! I’m English anyway!)


Fairground rides area

The ace 'Spaceport' VIP tent, the DJ was going off and it was way early!

Tracy on stage at the Keg Stage with Freerange

Funny van in the VIP parking area. Get any calls lads?

Gutted to have missed the Sunday session at the beach, all the locals tend to go to that as they’ve been working the rest of the time sorting everything out for the visitors. It’s always a mad one, but I’ve got to get back to work! Reality! Boo! Where’s the next place I can go…?

Sarah, dance legend

Really mixed emotions about the weekend — going back to Cornwall after a year or so away was harder than I thought. I miss my best friends and the time with them was too short. I also saw loads of people from that old life, some welcome faces some not so, and the bitterness/sadness about how things turned out down there, despite my best efforts, lingers somewhat…

In essence, Wales is home — I feel like I belong here; I don’t in Cornwall any more. But Cornwall’s amazing to visit, so I’ll be back in October. I wish bmibaby flew from Aberporth, the 6-hour journey is a killer! Flying would be lush, and so much cheaper.

I do miss the consistent and bigger surf. We get surf in Wales, sure, but not every day, and rarely bigger than a few feet. I’m no big wave surfer, but I did enjoy challenging myself (and getting fit and strong) in the four-foot range. I suppose I will have to travel and camp a bit more…

Anyone already amping to get to Boardmasters next year, bmibaby flights from East Midlands airport (their newest of five regional bases) to Newquay start from £26.99, and bmibaby’s summer route for 2012 begins on 25th May. For more information or to book visit www.bmibaby.com. There are 31 other destinations to choose from as well!

Newton Faulkner at the Beach Sessions, Thursday night

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Boardmasters, kicking off

Surf was pretty huge when we got down here! The pros were hard to see amongst it, until someone started chucking spray everywhere. Grey and a bit damp at Fistral, but no-one seemed that bothered. There are loads and loads of people here, I’d forgotten how busy it gets.








We watched some heats, then met Nicky for food, and she got us in to the Beach Sessions with Newton Faulkner! Ace. The beach bar was going off.

Watched more surfing yesterday, then we headed up to Watergate for the music.






The new camping area is amazing. My friend Simon is running the area, so we’ve got into the campervan section despite not having a van… The VIP showers were exactly what I needed this morning as well! 7am, everyone else asleep, we slid in to get clean.

Tuaca Point was booming last night, spent quite a bit of time there. Also found the VIP loos, lush, and the Spaceport, a mini club with space age dancers and mad lighting.




Saw a bit of Bombay Bicycle Club and watched the Klaxons, who despite the heaviest rain of the evening had everyone jumping. Then back to Tuaca to see Krafty Kuts, who loves the Newquay crowd.

Just charging up the phones now, then we’re back to Fistral to watch the finals. 6-star contest this year so the standard is amazing. Some Welsh crew have come down to see it so the boyfriend can hang out with them while I go shopping!

Watergate Bay is about a five minute taxi ride from Newquay Airport — again, I wish we coulda flown. bmibaby have sent me here so that their customers have the chance to see what an amazing week the Boardmasters festival is, and in return I’m bigging up their services. I might not have flown down here this time, but I’ve used bmibaby to get to London before, and it was a much, much more pleasant experience than certain other budget airlines I could mention! Plus they have a great fun, friendly image.

bmibaby fly between East Midlands airport and Newquay airport on Monday and Friday and between Manchester airport and Newquay airport on Friday/Saturday/Sunday and Monday.

Flights from EMA to NQY start from £26.99, and bmibaby’s Summer route for 2012 begins on 25th May.

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Boardmasters prep!

I can’t concentrate on anything today! Partly because I drank a little too much wine last night, but partly because Boardmasters has begun and I’m not there – yet! Longboarding is on now — I’d so love to have seen Cornwall girls Candice O’Donnell and Becky Stanhope in heat 4. Candice is through to the semis. I hope I get to catch up with Becky or Candice and ask them how the event was — I can’t find any live coverage/scores, so the Twitter feed will have to do for now.

I’m preparing today (my day off) by painting my toes, going to New Quay (Wales!) and buying some new sunnies and flippies, packing and obsessing over the lineup. My boyfriend’s father is lending us his car — I wish I was flying with bmibaby, seeing as they are the ones sending me to cover the event, but I guess an Audi A4 will have to do… <massive grin>







Anyone not got tickets? There are LOADS of competitions to win some, including 4 with bmibaby, – weekend tickets and flights!

Here’s more info on bmibaby’s Newquay offerings:
bmibaby fly between East Midlands airport and Newquay airport on Monday and Friday and fly between Manchester airport and Newquay airport on Friday/Saturday/Sunday and Monday. Flights from EMA to NQY start from £26.99.



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I’m going to Boardmasters! Hurrah!

Missed it last year (after five years of attendance), because I couldn’t afford it, but this year I’m going to be covering the event for bmibaby, who have just announced some new bargain flights into Newquay Airport. Loads of music, shopping, longneck beers, sunsets, the beach bar, friends I’ve not seen in far too long, the Desperado Dome, the VIP tent, ice-cold Jagermeister, silly freebies, neon facepaints, colour-change bikinis (yes!!!!), Tuaca…and nine stages of music!

Playing? Fat Boy Slim, DJ Yoda, Krafty Kuts, Sub Focus, Ben Howard, Scratch Perverts, Kids In Glass Houses and loads, loads more that I can’t wait to see. They’ve also got a longboard event as well as the main surfing, which I might actually get to see some of this year — usually I was manning the office! Plus the amazing skate and BMX ramps.

It’s not quite all sorted and confirmed, but I’ve booked time off and a dogsitter, and I’m too excited to keep quiet about it any longer! Cornwall here I come!

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