Today I went onto Facebook for the first time in a long time. I saw some funny, cute and cool stuff. It was great to ‘catch up’ with close friends who I don’t see any more due to massive distances. I learned a few things.

But in general, I was reminded why I don’t really use Facebook. My feed is full of adverts which are not relevant to me, timewasting bullshit and too much negativity. Life itself is very much like that, I suppose, but it’s not something I want to voluntarily submit to.

When I looked up from my phone, an hour had gone, and the light had changed over the hillside. I wish I’d watched that instead.

I’m torn, because there are some things I’m really glad I got to share in, such as hen do memories…but much more that was sad, confusing, dull, insipid, self-righteous…and so on. I think I’ll look at my friends list, the pages I follow and groups I’m in, and cut out a lot of it. And I’ll limit it to once a week or so, and make it a part of my business strategy rather than a random waste of time.

Then maybe I can go on Facebook and not get that Facebook-hangover feeling – overwhelmed, a bit dirty, a bit annoyed, and even more exhausted. It can be a great vehicle for change, for promotion, for stories and celebrating life, but unless I can filter the lows, I won’t have the energy to enjoy the occasional highs.

Llyn Brianne

Llyn Brianne is a stunning place, simply stunning. (Also bitterly cold and windy!) We walked around the RSPB reserve which is also beautiful. The icy cold, clear air and peacefulness was just perfect.

Christmas and New Year has left me exhausted from lots of work and too much food, so it’s time to get myself moving again! I was hit by a horrible week of vertigo – everything spinning when I moved or even just lay down, all due to some ‘bits’ floating in the wrong part of my ear canals. The Epley manoeuvre, a strange sort of kata, has pretty much sorted it out though, so I have no excuse but to get back to training with Julia and eating properly (impossible when on double shifts or dizzy).

But I really want to get back to full fitness and enjoying my running, surfing and yoga too. So I am simplifying life to reduce stress a bit – no classes, no timetables apart from work shifts, giving myself more time to think about writing, training, surfing…