Ocean Warrioress

Mark Visser jumping off a jet ski into the impact zone at Jaws…the clip is only a few seconds, and worth a watch. Nuts. 

Except it’s not that nuts, if you’ve trained and thought about doing this kind of things for years and years. In the accompanying Magic Seaweed article, he says actually he was always a ‘pussy’ in the water, even when competing in big waves. He was afraid. It’s sensible to be afraid — even small waves can hurt you. But even more sensible to do something about it, which he did. Then he shared it with Shane Dorian, and he approved.

Good enough for me… So I bought the full Ocean Warrior course via MagicSeaweed some time ago (once I was assured it wasn’t just for men!), then things got in the way and I didn’t get much further than the introduction. But I’m back at it now.

When I lived in Cornwall and surfed all the time with excellent surfers, I surfed pretty much anything up to 8ft (at which point I would have made a mistake) including Porthleven, biiig Fistral, sketchy secret spots, dawn raids on my own and some beautiful, crazy waves abroad. I wasn’t scared, and I was. Now I’m just always a bit scaredy… Lack of confidence in myself in general, lack of practice, terrible with the cold, getting old..! The list goes on… But I miss that confidence, and reckon this will go a long way towards getting it back. So if you see me holding my breath and going dizzy, I’m (probably) fine… 

Winter surf

llangrannog beach

The surf was great today – light offshores and 3ft plus of clean waves rolling in. Once again I’m not well enough to enjoy it – but I did enjoy watching from the warmth of the pub! The pic is taken when it had dropped off quite a lot.

Busy making new jewellery for the last of the Christmas buying season. Lovely locals keep asking me for custom makes, and I’m getting some stock in the Etsy shop as well. Plus, there’s still plenty in Sea & Slate Gallery, and I will be at the Pontgarreg Village Hall Rowathon and Christmas Fair Saturday and the Pembrokeshire County Showground Sunday!


Honey has been left alone since the marine park she ‘lives’ in was closed in January 2018. She’s fed, but otherwise abandoned. I hate all the Taiji stuff, any and all pictures of captive dolphins, but somehow Honey upsets me so, so much. She was captured in 2005 at Taiji.

I want to bring her to Cardigan Bay and let the local dolphins show her how to live again. I can’t do that, I know… but Ric O’Barry wants to do something similar. His Dolphin Project is awesome, and I want to support them, probably with a percentage of sales from Surfergirl’s Seaglass.

If you’re reading this, please sign the petition on the Dolphin Project page.


What can I do for Honey? 
[]Write – blog post
[]Write – story
[]Shop – buy some nice shit from DP 
[]Donate – Dolphin Project percentage of sales
[]Write – ask for an update
[]Instagram – talk about her
[]Instagram – talk about donation
[]SGS – create a special Honey pendant and all money to DP
[]SGS – create a dolphin product line featuring Cardigan Bay dolphins with profits to MSC. 
[]Mickey – help with his underwater cleanup somehow 
[]Visit Japan and the marine park 
[]Volunteer at the cove 
[]Watch The Cove and Blackfish and talk about them 
[]Create my ocean literacy placemats 
[]Write – to some of the people on the Honey page https://dolphinproject.com/take-action/save-japan-dolphins/ 

Personal Space Cakes

I went into hospital for a day last week, the culmination of a period of awfulness which I won’t dwell on as it was also the grossest thing ever, which no-one needs the details of…

Since then I’ve been trying to get on the beach every day, and do some yoga every day, for the last week or so. Not just trying, but bloody determined, to inch towards health again.

Today I decided to do both at the same time. Lovely. Morning yoga on a blissfully quiet beach in the sunshine, with just my dog, the rocks and the waves.

This is how close they were. On a totally empty beach.

Until two ‘regular tourists’ (the kind who come several times a year) came and sat two feet from me. Literally, two feet away. I was in warrior three. They could have counted the stitches on the crotch of my leggings. Personal space, anyone?

I looked over, brows raised, but they didn’t move. So I finished my sequence, grabbed my jumper, and moved myself. Breathed deep, really deep, did some ‘fierce lion breaths, yeah’ and carried on with my practice.

I thought I dealt with it quite well. They are usually nice people, and I didn’t want to return rudeness for rudeness. They are also customers so it’s best to avoid the kind of rude I would have been. (What the actual fuck? Do you want to sit ON me? Because this couldn’t be any MORE uncomfortable than it already is!)

Unfortunately, I was mad as a cut snake. My emotions are a bit all over the place as I come off the antidepressants and recover from everything else. That or I just have PMT.

Then there was the silly cow with the insane dog…but we won’t get into that one.

Yoga and the beach, the things that always centre me – did not work!

But I went out for a lovely lunch and had a moan at my other half about it. Then we discussed going on holiday – much better.

Swell Lines

Then I had a shift in the Gallery. I intended to listen to some folk and make some more delicate drop earrings. I ended up listening to a lot of P!nk (explicit versions, ha) and making some big, bold statement pieces with lots of hammering involved. And I priced them higher than usual, because I am proud of them. I don’t even care if they sell or not.

That and a kick-ass training session (which felt easy, despite or maybe because of my week off training) and some writing, and I feel I’m on a bit more of an even keel.

Wonder what’ll capsize me tomorrow?! (No. Should be good. Family time.)

Cakes? Oh yeah. Made some sick cacao and peanut butter protein balls this eve. Not really cakes. But I liked the title.

World Oceans Day

beach sunset
Cilborth Sunset

Happy World Oceans Day…

Promised myself I’d get out on the water this week; didn’t happen. I wanted to go and take some lovely pictures. I really want to capture the oystercatchers that live around Ysglan – there are usually seven, give or take, every year, and I just think they’re beautiful. One day, I’ll put the big camera in the drybag and paddle over.

Probably won’t happen this weekend now, but I’ll get out there as soon as I can. I need some water time. I am so lucky to live here – except luck has little to do with it. I work hard to be here, and I have to make time for the very reason I do so. I chilled on Cilborth last night with one oystercatcher puddling about, until a visitor scared it off. They never even saw it. How much we don’t see of what’s around us, and under the wide oceans.

Blue Planet II is now on Netflix, so I finally get to watch it.

Rambling. Too much work and not enough play makes surfergrl – dull.