Coconut oil is not poison

coconut oil
Time for another jar!

I love coconut oil. It goes everywhere in me and on me. I make deodorant with it, use it as a deep conditioner for my hair, put it in my secret recipe for frizz-taming ‘beach hair’ spray, use it as a moisturiser, to treat thrush, to groom my eyebrows, to soothe minor scrapes… 

I also cook with it – OMG! Apparently the worst thing you can do, ‘pure poison’ according to some Harvard bod. Cue the coconut oil brigade (including me) getting all indignant, and the general media’s glee at the chance tromp all over another thing those superfood lovers think is so great.

Lots of irritating articles and fence-sitting from nutritionists later, I read a decent report in i where it was concluded that two tablespoons a day would smash through your recommended saturated fat levels. Well, duh. It’s 86% saturated fat.

Do they think we’re all completely brainless? If you eat coconut oil, you most likely do it because you’ve heard about various alleged health benefits and/or you like the taste. But you are not a moron. You know that it’s fat, and you’re not going to eat two tbsp a day. I’d bloody struggle to! I can happily use a teaspoon to make my eggs (yum), and if I’m tracking my calories at the time, in it goes. I eat it all the damn time, and I’m not fat, thanks (I also don’t have a cholesterol problem – if you did, it’d be off the table along with a lot of other stuff).

Leave coconut oil alone, and all the other glorious rainbow of ingredients native and exotic that people into health, fitness and just variety like to incorporate as part of their lives. Focus instead on the twpsyn who eats Maccy D two, three times a week and thinks nothing of ten pints of cider (aka ten doughnuts’ worth of sugar) Friday and Saturday night.

Rant over 😀

PS: Coconut oil is just one thing; I could write this same post about clean eating, or how Deliciously Ella is often attacked, or the recent ‘probiotics labelled quite useless’ reports (oh yes? Deduced from a trial where they looked at a full 25 people?!). This is more a post about the way the media seizes headlines and buries the actual science, and the ‘boring’ bits where experts say it’s actually fine, in sensible amounts.

Personal Space Cakes

I went into hospital for a day last week, the culmination of a period of awfulness which I won’t dwell on as it was also the grossest thing ever, which no-one needs the details of…

Since then I’ve been trying to get on the beach every day, and do some yoga every day, for the last week or so. Not just trying, but bloody determined, to inch towards health again.

Today I decided to do both at the same time. Lovely. Morning yoga on a blissfully quiet beach in the sunshine, with just my dog, the rocks and the waves.

This is how close they were. On a totally empty beach.

Until two ‘regular tourists’ (the kind who come several times a year) came and sat two feet from me. Literally, two feet away. I was in warrior three. They could have counted the stitches on the crotch of my leggings. Personal space, anyone?

I looked over, brows raised, but they didn’t move. So I finished my sequence, grabbed my jumper, and moved myself. Breathed deep, really deep, did some ‘fierce lion breaths, yeah’ and carried on with my practice.

I thought I dealt with it quite well. They are usually nice people, and I didn’t want to return rudeness for rudeness. They are also customers so it’s best to avoid the kind of rude I would have been. (What the actual fuck? Do you want to sit ON me? Because this couldn’t be any MORE uncomfortable than it already is!)

Unfortunately, I was mad as a cut snake. My emotions are a bit all over the place as I come off the antidepressants and recover from everything else. That or I just have PMT.

Then there was the silly cow with the insane dog…but we won’t get into that one.

Yoga and the beach, the things that always centre me – did not work!

But I went out for a lovely lunch and had a moan at my other half about it. Then we discussed going on holiday – much better.

Swell Lines

Then I had a shift in the Gallery. I intended to listen to some folk and make some more delicate drop earrings. I ended up listening to a lot of P!nk (explicit versions, ha) and making some big, bold statement pieces with lots of hammering involved. And I priced them higher than usual, because I am proud of them. I don’t even care if they sell or not.

That and a kick-ass training session (which felt easy, despite or maybe because of my week off training) and some writing, and I feel I’m on a bit more of an even keel.

Wonder what’ll capsize me tomorrow?! (No. Should be good. Family time.)

Cakes? Oh yeah. Made some sick cacao and peanut butter protein balls this eve. Not really cakes. But I liked the title.


A neuroscientist says there’s a powerful benefit to exercise that is rarely discussed‘ – it’s brain function. A good article…but I think it is often discussed! It’s certainly something we talk about a lot in the online gym I’m a member of. Julia B draws people in with the promise of fat loss (and free workouts!), then hits them with loads of other benefits including improved mood and ability to focus.

My recent round of one of her programmes, Forge, hasn’t seen me lose much fat at all (I’ve gained it, if anything). This is down to several factors including medication, but I’m not stressing it because I still have all those other benefits. Digging trenches last week showed me how strong and fit I am, and I feel better about everything when I work out, even if it’s only 3-4 times a week with the current crazy building/working schedule.