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beach time

green ankletI wish I had more time to spend on the beach! I do most of my training programme on there at the moment, and walk the dog, but oh for a few days sunbathing, swimming and reading good books.

The market is still going well, and people who have booked some time for all of the above are turning up in increasing numbers.

One family who bought lots of stuff last year came again and bought more! I had a request for an anklet which I was happy to make up, then I decided to make more for the stall. I love anklets! The above is the custom ordered one, a green bead charm and mermaid, and below is a silver anchor, light blue seaglass and silver chain, £10. See it on Etsy.

blue anklet

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a week off

Beach camp

Beach camp

I’ve had a week off the office job, and I’m using the time to finish the corrections on my PhD thesis, but it’s also time to have some fun! I’ve missed being in the sea, a lot, so I decided to have a beach day even though it’s not really quite warm enough. However, with some planning it’s do-able, especially as I live so close to the beach.

I put on some warm and comfy gear, including my new t-shirt and jacket from Australian surf brand ‘Afends‘. Loving this stuff! I haven’t owned a denim jacket since the 80s, and with jeans, crazy pattern t-shirt and my beach bag, I fluffed up my hair and felt like a teenager again! If you like their gear, you can get a 20% discount with the code BLOG20!

I took myself, my books (Aussie too) and my dog over to Cilborth beach, built a little fire and pretended it’s summer already. No surf here just yet, but I have hopes for the rest of the weekend…

cilborth beach

Cilborth sunshine


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My camera is full of Llangrannog sunsets, and why not? Also my Instagram and Facebook feeds…

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market days

Photo 11-06-2014 13 25 35I shared a stall at the Llangrannog market last week with ‘Ocean Pictures’ and made more than I have so far! All to be ploughed back in – more pretty silver charms, leather cords and coloured pieces to come. People are (very nicely) free with their advice and I also have new, better price tags in mind with more information on the origin of the seaglass.

I also need to sort out my ‘choose your own’ boards, so people can select the elements they want then I’ll make it up for them then and there. All good fun!





Photo 11-06-2014 13 07 23

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Llangrannog Local Producers Market #1

seaglass stallLast Wednesday was the first Llangrannog Local Producers Market, held on the Ship carpark and organised by a small committee of awesome getting-things-done type women. I spent ages creating new frames for displaying necklaces and earrings and keyrings, and a day making new stock for the market. Some of my faovurite pieces (like the only piece of pink I’ve ever seen and maybe ever will see) sold really quickly. Blue and green pieces are the most popular, and dolphin charms are a winner, especially when the dolphins have recently visited!

The weather was hot and sunny and it was a really successful day, with such excellent organisation. I wish I had a lot more time to spend on the stall and particularly on the stock, but polishing those damn silver charms takes forever! I made a respectable amount of money and have high hopes for tomorrow, which is bang in the middle of the Whit week. I think my stuff will have most appeal for kids with pocket money to spend, and adults with presents to buy!

Hoping to keep the stall going all summer, because it was a rewarding experience, although it is a big commitment at a time when I feel rather over-committed. Great to see lots of other locals doing their thing, from Louise with her pictures and postcards to The Plwmp Tart’s gorgeous cooking. There were a couple of veg stalls, an organic beauty products stall I had to be very strict with myself about, a cheese stall (ditto) and plenty more.

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mermaid’s hair

mermaidhairA photo from yesterday, May Day or Beltane. If I can get the light and lens right on Hipstamatic, I think this section of rocks on Cilborth will make a good backdrop for photographing new seaglass stock…once I’ve finished making it all!

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I do miss the sea. I see it every day, but I am missing it. I never get to go in it any more; there always seems to be something more pressing, more pressurising. And sure, it’s cold as well — I don’t want to get in, but I know that I do as well, and will feel so much better when I do. I’ll surf badly, rusty and out of sync with the ocean, and feel ashamed. But three days where I can do no more than glance in fading light, and I am antsy without it. Running brings me close only, not into. It looks so soft and light and playful, though I know it is cold and, this winter, killer. Anyway I must get back in; everything tells me so. And close, and sit, and watch. Before all the tourists come back, before the peace and scoured-cleanness is gone. The signposts are on my desktop because, I thought, I liked the blue, but they are reminding me of the choices I have already made and still abide by, when I remember to honour them. That all paths lead to the coast for me, to Lochtyn and surrounding beaches and beaches further afield; salt water anywhere. Also that my path is soon to change again, that I will not be stuck wishing for change forever — that the path is sometimes a long, long tiring one, like the walk to Cwmtudu, but beautiful. I feel like I would like to wander some, and be a little more rootless and a little more free.

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day of drilling

green seaglass pendant


Made some more seaglass stuff for my Etsy shop.

If you want some Xmas goodies use XMASFUN at the checkout for 15% off! Loved making these — I have to admit, sea pottery is a lot easier to drill than seaglass but there we are. I have sold quite a few pieces, mostly to locals but one piece is heading to America tomorrow!

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Seaglass love

A new page, Surferigrl’s Seaglass, has appeared on my site to explain my new Etsy shop.

I’ve started to sell my seaglass jewellery creations, because I can’t keep them all, and can’t afford the silver clay, diamond-tipped drill bits and so on unless I make a bit of money out of it! I love seaglass and sea pottery…hope you will like too. :-)

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No updates for a while — there’s been no surf for months, that’s mostly why! Really, months without a decent swell, but also only about two days without the usual tiny windcrap. Which I’m happy to go out in, but it’s not there. I went for a swim today, and there are so many jellyfish it’s like some weird underwater PacMan where you propel forward dodging the ghosts. Horrid little things that sting = me not swimming until a storm has cleared them away. A chest infection has kept me out of the water for a week anyway, so I’m not happy to have to stay out still.

Of course I shouldn’t complain about the amazing weather, but…I need a wave.

There’s only so many things I can think to paint on my nails before I get bored. Getting lots of work done, mind you. Thinking, reading and writing about surfing…driving me mad. Also, making me really want to visit Cali, where most surf fiction is set.