Boardmasters wrap up

Back from Boardmasters, and time to sort my life out and get back to reality…which I’m looking forward to, actually! Thanks, oh such massive thanks, to bmibaby for giving me two tickets, I’d never have made it otherwise and it was, as Boardmasters always is, an experience!

We spent as much time watching heats as music — because the contest was bumped up to 6 stars, the talent was immense, and they made the most of the waves on offer. I love Fistral, so many banks and space for all the hundreds of surfers on it.

One surfer friend said, ‘This is just an excuse to dress weird and get smashed, it’s not about the surfing for most of them at all.’ True enough, but if you come and don’t even watch a heat, you’re missing so much! The surfing was awesome, airs being pulled all over the show and making the most of some solid and messy conditions. Fistral is such an amphitheatre, and with the retail village and the ramp as well, it should be on the must-do list.

The retail village, with the ramp on the left and the Headland Hotel in the distance




There was some rain, but that rarely stops play at a festival, and I’ve seen Boardmasters a mudbath! Music I loved – Krafty Kuts and everyone who played Tuaca Point, Fat Boy Slim’s light show was stunning, Zane Lowe read the crowd very well, and Sub Focus were dirty! Check out the kid on the left, loving it!

Unfortunately, having to wait four hours to get in on Friday rather curtailed our goals music-wise. An awful, awful system — do you really want to piss the media off before they’re even in there?!

Otherwise, though, the site has grown and everything is well organised. The crowd is quite a young one, but everyone’s welcome and there’s no trouble. (Except that my tent with its Welsh flag got slashed, which was upsetting – what is the mentality of some people?! I’m English anyway!)


Fairground rides area

The ace 'Spaceport' VIP tent, the DJ was going off and it was way early!

Tracy on stage at the Keg Stage with Freerange

Funny van in the VIP parking area. Get any calls lads?

Gutted to have missed the Sunday session at the beach, all the locals tend to go to that as they’ve been working the rest of the time sorting everything out for the visitors. It’s always a mad one, but I’ve got to get back to work! Reality! Boo! Where’s the next place I can go…?

Sarah, dance legend

Really mixed emotions about the weekend — going back to Cornwall after a year or so away was harder than I thought. I miss my best friends and the time with them was too short. I also saw loads of people from that old life, some welcome faces some not so, and the bitterness/sadness about how things turned out down there, despite my best efforts, lingers somewhat…

In essence, Wales is home — I feel like I belong here; I don’t in Cornwall any more. But Cornwall’s amazing to visit, so I’ll be back in October. I wish bmibaby flew from Aberporth, the 6-hour journey is a killer! Flying would be lush, and so much cheaper.

I do miss the consistent and bigger surf. We get surf in Wales, sure, but not every day, and rarely bigger than a few feet. I’m no big wave surfer, but I did enjoy challenging myself (and getting fit and strong) in the four-foot range. I suppose I will have to travel and camp a bit more…

Anyone already amping to get to Boardmasters next year, bmibaby flights from East Midlands airport (their newest of five regional bases) to Newquay start from £26.99, and bmibaby’s summer route for 2012 begins on 25th May. For more information or to book visit There are 31 other destinations to choose from as well!

Newton Faulkner at the Beach Sessions, Thursday night

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