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day of drilling

green seaglass pendant


Made some more seaglass stuff for my Etsy shop.

If you want some Xmas goodies use XMASFUN at the checkout for 15% off! Loved making these — I have to admit, sea pottery is a lot easier to drill than seaglass but there we are. I have sold quite a few pieces, mostly to locals but one piece is heading to America tomorrow!

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Monday was pretty good here, but muggins was working. Freelancing is SO hard when it starts to pump but you’ve got a deadline!

Jumped in on Tuesday and had quite a few lovely little waves, but it was the company that made it special. I’ve been surfing here for 20 years now, and I always love to surf with the boys. Just a couple this time; one who I don’t know so well but he’s shit-hot, and the other who I’ve known as long as I’ve been surfing. It was awesome to hear of some pretty significant developments in their lives…all settling down, basically!

Then a girl paddled out! This never happens in Crannog, being as it’s the middle of nowhere. I think she was from Cornwall way; she looked like a Cornish maid. Surfed good, too. I always feel competitive with another girl in the water, ‘cos I see them so seldom. She had some lovely little peaks and good to see a smile on her face.

But the best company was, as it often is, the wildlife. A little silver fish throwing a fit on the ocean surface, just jumping out and skittering along. Then a seal appeared and we all pulled our feet up, just in case. A baby it was, with its mum looking on from further away. They’re at the curious age. I was looking out to sea when it popped up about three metres away from me and flapped a flipper at me. I have to say I did scream a bit; the seal had its eyes firmly on me and looked quite pleased at the reaction, the little sod. Satisfied, it swam off back towards New Quay. A beautiful silver and grey thing with those big round eyes. Full of mischief, this one.

Surf went dead the next day, despite hopeful buoy predictions. The worst summer I can ever remember here.

Still, off to FRANCE!!!! tomorrow. Small waves forecast for the first few days, then HUGE. Oh dear. Despite having done six weeks of Insanity, I still don’t think I’m ready for huge, not French style. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen anything challenging. Still, I cannot wait for a holiday — barring magazine trips, which were often more work than you’d actually believe, I’ve not been on a holiday since me and 6 girlies went to northern Portugal about eight years ago! Seriously — what happened to traveller me! Too much work and not enough SURF! All about to change…

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Seaglass love

A new page, Surferigrl’s Seaglass, has appeared on my site to explain my new Etsy shop.

I’ve started to sell my seaglass jewellery creations, because I can’t keep them all, and can’t afford the silver clay, diamond-tipped drill bits and so on unless I make a bit of money out of it! I love seaglass and sea pottery…hope you will like too. :-)

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Lobster Lunch

lobsterThis lifelong veggie is definitely going pescatarian — lobster, brown crab, salad, new potatoes and crusty bread for lunch. Benefits of having a fisherman handy. I love summer!

(It’s okay to take photos of your food once in a while, right?! Oh well, I don’t care! :-)

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Perfect, but not

Finally the surf is back, in time for my birthday week! It looked good, but it wasn’t…

I will have been surfing the Nog for 20 years this summer…shame I’m still utterly rubbish! But that’s always how I feel at this time of year, when it’s so, so cold and the banks have been trashed by the winter sand-scouring action and the rips are arm-creakingly strong. Soon, soon, it’ll get better, and crappy surfers like me will have a bit more of a chance to catch something that’s not closing out or breaking into six inches of water.

Glorious sunshine came through a few times and there were about 12 diving birds putting on a show. I think they were gannets, though I couldn’t see any of that orange/beige they usually have on their heads. Whatever, they were stunning, splonking into the water to emerge empty-beaked as far as I could see, a quick shake of the head and soaring up again. Very, very skillful.

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Sea-View Team

a-team MPVCoolest MPV I’ve ever seen. No, actually — the ONLY cool MPV I’ve ever seen. I’m such a child of the 80s!

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happy birthday Furtle!

corgi dogThe best dog in the world, 12 years old today. A walk on her favourite beach, Cilborth, and a good big stick.


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An absolutely terrible surf today. While running I checked out the rolling swell — groundswell?! Really!? It looked about 2-3ft and while lumpy and not really lining up, it did have some clean, green faces.

I suited up as quickly as possible and headed down, but the wind had fucked it. In the space of an hour it went from decent to awful. The rip was hideous and I pulled something in my neck trying to get away from it; very sore now. The wind was a cross-shore howler and the peaks were a grey mess. So, so disappointing — this has been the worst summer I remember, after the worst winter I remember, and autumn (which I always so look forward to) is shaping up to be pants as well.

I am so hungry for some good waves, but with no car and no money I can’t even go down the road, let alone abroad! I have to stay off Facebook as my need to howl at people who have escaped to wave-rich places is so strong it’s scary.

Pass the ibuprofen…

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surf toes

The lack of surf in Crannog since I scrapped my car has been extreme…sod’s law. I’m desperate for summer suits and endless warm days with waves, even small ones. I swear there was more swell last summer than all this winter! So I have done a few wave dances and prayers on the sand, and painted my toes to show what I want ;-) Silly I know, but it might work?!

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The other day I found a big piece of green sea-glass, a big piece of white, a tiny sliver of yellow and this small blue corner. Who knows what the whole word was, but what remains on this lovely bit of blue is ‘vies’.

1. to strive in competition or rivalry with another; contend for superiority: Swimmers from many nations were vying for the title.
Origin: 1525–35;  by aphesis
Middle French envier to raise the stake (at cards), Old French: to challenge, provoke, Latin invītāre to entertain, invite
1.  compete, contest, struggle.

A pretty cool find! This one I’ll be keeping for myself, to remind me to try my hardest. I have a lot of goals which mean a lot of work — finishing my novel, writing more poetry, getting a lot better at Welsh, getting some things published via competitions and in writing journals and so on, keeping up with my fitness programme (and getting back into my skinniest jeans), and earning some serious money, goddamit!

Better get on with it then…

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