Girl surfers? Not in Cardiff…

I spent a couple of days in Cardiff this week, and nostalgically wandered around the shopping arcades to see what remains from my undergrad days. I also wanted to see what was cool at the moment, as, lovely though Llangrannog is, it and the nearby shopping ‘centres’ are not ‘down with the kids’.

City Surf is still there, although it’s in a different arcade. I don’t think it sold surf clothing for females when I was at uni, but then, there wasn’t much around. I distinctly remember my joy at being bought a green Headworx jumper which I wore to death. It didn’t fit; it wasn’t made for 17-year-old girls.

There was a nice thermo rashy in the window, the pretty flowers on it signalling that it was for females, but nothing else. Except wetsuits, which would have mollified me but for the prices. Jeeeeeesus.

I suppose they are short of space, but did no-one tell them that girls BUY STUFF? It’s what Roxy’s built on! I went into a huge surf/snow/skate place and a big street/skate place too and again there was bugger all for the ladies. Strange. Do they still think that girls don’t surf? They should check out the awesome South Wales Women’s Surf Development Squad for a start.

Disappointed, I went to Superdry, and spent my (father’s) money there…similarly exorbitant prices, but the quality’s excellent, as long as you steer clear of the, er, chavvy things (most of the t-shirts).

I doubt I will have this problem when I go to HOSSEGOR next week…oh, I cannot wait. Except that I’m very likely to get ground into the sand repeatedly, because this flat spell has been the worst I can remember for a fucking long time, and I’m not sure I can surf at all any more.

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One Response to Girl surfers? Not in Cardiff…

  1. Steve White says:

    You’re in Hossegor next week? If you see a shortboard with a stormtrooper on it, come over and say hwyl!

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