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I do miss the sea. I see it every day, but I am missing it. I never get to go in it any more; there always seems to be something more pressing, more pressurising. And sure, it’s cold as well — I don’t want to get in, but I know that I do as well, and will feel so much better when I do. I’ll surf badly, rusty and out of sync with the ocean, and feel ashamed. But three days where I can do no more than glance in fading light, and I am antsy without it. Running brings me close only, not into. It looks so soft and light and playful, though I know it is cold and, this winter, killer. Anyway I must get back in; everything tells me so. And close, and sit, and watch. Before all the tourists come back, before the peace and scoured-cleanness is gone. The signposts are on my desktop because, I thought, I liked the blue, but they are reminding me of the choices I have already made and still abide by, when I remember to honour them. That all paths lead to the coast for me, to Lochtyn and surrounding beaches and beaches further afield; salt water anywhere. Also that my path is soon to change again, that I will not be stuck wishing for change forever — that the path is sometimes a long, long tiring one, like the walk to Cwmtudu, but beautiful. I feel like I would like to wander some, and be a little more rootless and a little more free.

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day of drilling

green seaglass pendant


Made some more seaglass stuff for my Etsy shop.

If you want some Xmas goodies use XMASFUN at the checkout for 15% off! Loved making these — I have to admit, sea pottery is a lot easier to drill than seaglass but there we are. I have sold quite a few pieces, mostly to locals but one piece is heading to America tomorrow!

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Seaglass love

A new page, Surferigrl’s Seaglass, has appeared on my site to explain my new Etsy shop.

I’ve started to sell my seaglass jewellery creations, because I can’t keep them all, and can’t afford the silver clay, diamond-tipped drill bits and so on unless I make a bit of money out of it! I love seaglass and sea pottery…hope you will like too. :-)

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No updates for a while — there’s been no surf for months, that’s mostly why! Really, months without a decent swell, but also only about two days without the usual tiny windcrap. Which I’m happy to go out in, but it’s not there. I went for a swim today, and there are so many jellyfish it’s like some weird underwater PacMan where you propel forward dodging the ghosts. Horrid little things that sting = me not swimming until a storm has cleared them away. A chest infection has kept me out of the water for a week anyway, so I’m not happy to have to stay out still.

Of course I shouldn’t complain about the amazing weather, but…I need a wave.

There’s only so many things I can think to paint on my nails before I get bored. Getting lots of work done, mind you. Thinking, reading and writing about surfing…driving me mad. Also, making me really want to visit Cali, where most surf fiction is set.


Starling cloud


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happy birthday Furtle!

corgi dogThe best dog in the world, 12 years old today. A walk on her favourite beach, Cilborth, and a good big stick.


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Mae’r tywydd yn arbennig o dda ar hyn o bryd, dim y gwanwyn ond yr haf!

Roedd Lochtyn yn edrych yn hardd y bore ‘ma am naw; ro’n i wrth fy modd yn rhedeg yn yr haul. Ro’n i’n ymdrechu lan i ben y bryn ac aeth cadno heibio yn y cae drws nesaf. Stopiodd e i edrych arna i, wedyn wyff, bant â fe. Anifail rhyfeddol, er gwaethaf ei archwaeth am y ieir lleol!

Es i yn y môr ddoe i syrffio; roedd popeth yn hyfryd ond tymheredd y dŵr — brrr! Felly ro’n i’n bach o ‘wuss’ heddiw — arhosais i ar y traeth gyda llyfr.






Nawr mae’n amser gwaith, gyda fy mathodyn bach ‘Cymraeg’ newydd!

Yfory, bydda i’n gweithio, wedyn rhedeg, syrffio, bwyta, ymlacio a darllen ar y traeth, os ydy hi’n mor dwym unwaith eto!


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The other day I found a big piece of green sea-glass, a big piece of white, a tiny sliver of yellow and this small blue corner. Who knows what the whole word was, but what remains on this lovely bit of blue is ‘vies’.

1. to strive in competition or rivalry with another; contend for superiority: Swimmers from many nations were vying for the title.
Origin: 1525–35;  by aphesis
Middle French envier to raise the stake (at cards), Old French: to challenge, provoke, Latin invītāre to entertain, invite
1.  compete, contest, struggle.

A pretty cool find! This one I’ll be keeping for myself, to remind me to try my hardest. I have a lot of goals which mean a lot of work — finishing my novel, writing more poetry, getting a lot better at Welsh, getting some things published via competitions and in writing journals and so on, keeping up with my fitness programme (and getting back into my skinniest jeans), and earning some serious money, goddamit!

Better get on with it then…

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Been ill for a couple of days, nothing bad but with dizzy spells and super tired — I couldn’t read or write, argh! My head was not my own. I felt like like one of those dull, negative people who have little curiosity in life, who are always whingeing, always ill, never get off their backsides. (I know a few people who think life owes them something. It doesn’t; you have to put in to get out, then wow, watch out.)

Then I woke up this morning as the moon began to wane, and my head was clear again, just like that. So I went for a run in the sunshine and saw…waves, oh!




There’s been no surf to speak of since Christmas Day, and I didn’t get in then. So despite thinking I might be pushing it, I ran home, suited up and walked back down (car is sick as well).

The storms razed the banks, then the last week of calm weather has seen a lot of the sand return. There’s a pool where the bank usually forms, and the waves are breaking further out. I didn’t catch anything at all, then it went flat and I gave up.



Around this time of year my surfing ability plummets totally, which is depressing, but it’s a beautiful day. And as I write there’s a wookpecker on the bird feeder — rare sight. I hope he’s not hungry because the boys have coppiced his favourite tree.

Back to my studies, and today I want to do loads of Welsh, because I was too dizzy to go to class on Tuesday. I have craving for cynghannedd…

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she’ll be running round the mountain

She'll be running round the mountain when she runs

I haven’t been surfing for weeks now. I can’t watch any online or I get irritated, and I’m so envious of those who are currently in warm, wavy places. It’s snowy here… The sea was as flat as I’ve ever seen it in winter yesterday, a half-foot peeler today. Not very happy.

To get surf fit I’ve been swimming and doing a bit of yoga, and to get my fix of the coast I’ve been walking the dogs as usual, but also running…ugh. I’ve hated it since school, as I suppose many people do. I had a big ginger screamer of a PE teacher who’d send us on sadistic cross-country runs and pop up shouting at the hardest points. The other PE teacher was a blonde the boys drooled over who could out-distance any of us and had a penchant for stretching her perfect legs in front of everyone. Shudder.

Looking back on the hill I run (slowly) up

Running around here is a whole different matter, and if it gets results (i.e. fitting back into the pink Snugg wetty) then I’m all for it, even today when it was absolutely raw.

It’s all thanks to a book called Run Fat Bitch Run which my mother bought me (yes, charming) which demystifies and talks straight about running. None of that blocks of numbers (3 x 300m at 3/10, 4 x 200m at 7/10 etc.) and buying £100 shoes crap, just get out there and move your ass. It reads like my sister talks (blunt, no bullshit) and so far, it works. I’m not supposed to yap about it until I’m a few months in, but I’m a convert.

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