Welsh Wildlife Centre Shop

shop Surfergirl’s Seaglass jewellery is now available at the Welsh Wildlife Centre! I love this place – a huge reedbed, lots of walking, a great cafe and awesome events. So I asked, and secured myself a spot.

I feel like a ‘proper’ jewellery-maker now. I had so much fun sorting all my stock and dressing my section of the table. Wowed to be in such great company as well – there is some consummate talent on show in the shop, which is is in a lovely building, all high ceilings, lots of glass and wood. It fits my stuff perfectly.

I’ve no idea if it’ll make much money, but I don’t really mind either way. I’m just stoked to be there. Start of bigger and better things for my little bits of ‘rubbish’ off the beach…because that’s what seaglass is really, old litter, and I love re-purposing it.

I have a month of making planned (if I can afford all the silver I want…hmm…credit card?!) and then it’ll be Christmas fair time, which is going to be so much fun. I can sit all day watching people and knitting (I plan a line of iPhone covers in fluffy and felted yarn), and I might even make some money. Also hoping to grow my network of lovely local crafters.

I’ve got an exciting collaboration planned too, but can’t reveal it till…well, till I’ve done something concrete about it! I also want to tie in with some of Surfers Against Sewage’s work, as well as #2minutebeachclean and #take3forthesea.

And it’s time to start making rings, which is really why I got so into seaglass and silversmithing. I wanted a seaglass ring, but couldn’t afford one. I hope to work out a way to make them so other people can afford them too. A lot of them are super-chunky, which is lush, but I want to make more delicate ones too, and stackers, and spinners, and…where is that Visa card…?!

World Mental Health Day

All right, it was yesterday, but I was feeling like the picture (left)…dark, damp and chasm-y… 

Everything the Royals are doing with Heads Together is so inspiring, and everywhere I go it seems there are conversations, promotions (Lloyds Bank today) and just a bit more understanding.

With the funeral yesterday of a 32-year old killed locally there was a lot of sadness around, and many people barely know how to deal with the more negative of their emotions. You don’t have to be happy all the time, or strong all the time. Getting drunk might help, but it’s not a lasting solution. Mates are important. Family.

I think Heads Together have got it so right with their new digital ideas too – online help and support is the way to go. If I want to explore possibilities for what the fuck is going on, those resources (especially other peoples’ experiences) are so useful.

For me this month, focusing over-hard on what I want to achieve has frightened me into inertia, and a lack of sleep in my nights and rhythm to my days has unhinged me a bit.

So tonight is an early one, and tomorrow will be better…like tonight’s sunset (same place, different focus).