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I made this! My first ring ever and I know there will be many, many more (when I can afford the tools!). This is a simple silver band with the co-ordinates of my favourite beach on it. I couldn’t believe (still can’t) that I made it myself, but anyone could do it with the right tools and such good instruction.


I went to a wonderful workshop taught by Rose Wood in her gorgeous little workshop in Drefach Felindre (I have serious craft space envy). The workshops are £35 and the silver I used cost only £7.20. I learned so, so much, way more than just how to make a ring, and her attention to every little detail of the day and her work is amazing. She is also doing earring and pendant workshops this summer.



Photo 09-05-2015 15 45 53

Thanks bro for the birthday present! I was simply in heaven from start to finish.

a week off

Beach camp

Beach camp

I’ve had a week off the office job, and I’m using the time to finish the corrections on my PhD thesis, but it’s also time to have some fun! I’ve missed being in the sea, a lot, so I decided to have a beach day even though it’s not really quite warm enough. However, with some planning it’s do-able, especially as I live so close to the beach.

I put on some warm and comfy gear, including my new t-shirt and jacket from Australian surf brand ‘Afends‘. Loving this stuff! I haven’t owned a denim jacket since the 80s, and with jeans, crazy pattern t-shirt and my beach bag, I fluffed up my hair and felt like a teenager again! If you like their gear, you can get a 20% discount with the code BLOG20!

I took myself, my books (Aussie too) and my dog over to Cilborth beach, built a little fire and pretended it’s summer already. No surf here just yet, but I have hopes for the rest of the weekend…

cilborth beach

Cilborth sunshine


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clean eating…hmm

brocc-breadI’m all for clean eating, and trying new things, but sometimes things disappoint! Two recipes today: Sweet Potato Brownies and Broccoli Bread.

I won’t even post a pic of the brownies as they look rubbish and taste of, well, sweet potato and dates, which is their main ingredients. I think cacao nibs is not the same as cacao powder (which was too expensive for me!). And medjool dates weren’t available in my health food store. Try again, maybe.

However, I have discovered that dates smeared with nut butter is rather nice.

The Broccoli Bread wasn’t great on its own, but sliced thin with plenty of tasty topping (butter, Marmite and eggs!!) I am a convert!


fat burn revolution bookHaving finished a second round of Challenge XXX (a 30-day ass-kicking round of workouts) I’m into a ‘recovery’ phase. Ha! With Julia Buckley as my PT, this does not mean not sweating!

I just did the second of five Bootcamp for Beginners workouts that she’s just put up on YouTube (with extended versions for members of her site) and it was tough. Arms, shoulders, chest and abs today. We always do abs, every day, and those static exercises (“You’re just sitting there” — trust me I’m not) are killer.

I’ve tried Slimming World, I’ve tried Insanity, various fad diets, the gym, callanetics, running 20 miles a week or more, etc. etc. — didn’t make that much difference, and if it did it wasn’t sustainable. Julia’s training works. It’s bloody hard, and it takes a lifestyle change, but clean eating ‘mostly mostly’, training with weights and high intensity interval (cardio) training 4-5 days a week has got me superfit (mentally and physically stronger), ready for the waves when they come back.

Because that’s why I’m doing it — for the glorious surf I’m sure is on its way. Oh, and to fit into jeans that have been at the bottom of the jeans box for a long, long time.

The first half of all the workouts are free. If you want more, pay £28 a month and you’ll get all the workouts (so, so many) and loads of support as well.

I’m not being paid to say this, by the way!

Bring on the spring and summer waves…(and winter somewhere hot!)


Photo 20-03-2015 09 25 36 Photo 20-03-2015 09 40 18

I went for a run yesterday (after a 45 minute cardio session with Julia, I must be mad!), all the way up to Pen Dinas Lochtyn, where I was in 1999 for the last solar eclipse. We were lucky to have sun, although it was hazy, and my iPhone lens did some quite funky stuff which I don’t understand but which allowed me to see the moon quite clearly. Spring solstice, solar eclipse, new moon and 5.5m spring tides – awesome day. I was hoping for some surf, but things weren’t quite that perfect!

Photo 20-03-2015 09 30 50

The moon on the ground!


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a poem for granny


Not taken too cruelly or too soon,
Not left to suffer long,
Now true peace is yours at last
You knew your time was come.

We can be content now:
We had a chance to say goodbye,
We had a chance to say I love you,
We had a chance to be there, and cry.

You know your God and are ready to meet Him
The road has been a long one
Many wait at its end
And you know how to greet them.

Father, mother, brothers,
Husband, daughter and friends:
You can be content now,
Take your place with them again.

For Mollie Gurmin, who died 23 January 2015 aged 96.

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newquay#JeSuisCharlie – the pen is mightier than the sword. And RIP Charlie, too…my sister’s gorgeous fluffy wally of a dog, the softest thing you could ever meet, always so waggy and the epitome of dumb doggy love. In our family for nearly ten years, bless him.

I haven’t been posting much because I haven’t been able to decide what I should and shouldn’t be putting on here. It’s always been a mix and match of ramblings and what I’m most into at any given time – surfing, seaglassing, Wales etc. I will just carry on with it being random, as I don’t suppose that many people read it anyway. But if you’re here for the jewellery, try the Seaglass page!
I want to get more into Instagram this year, with sea/water photos, dogs, Wales, skies and skies seen through trees. Pebbles, seaglass. And yoga, and weights. Instagram and Pinterest tend to cheer me up, whereas Facebook makes me feel sad, maybe because it’s sad news, pointless time-sucking video shares (am guilty too), or people so goddamn happy it makes me feel a bit inadequate! (Or a lot.) So, more pretty pictures please. Above left, New Quay Wales; cold, deserted and beautiful. North Wales’ coastline and mountains were clearly visible yesterday.


Photo 15-01-2015 09 44 25

Rainbow through hail, taken today

Learn the alchemy true human beings know
the moment you accept what troubles have been given
the door will open
Welcome difficulty like a familiar comrade
Joke with torment brought by the friend
Sorrows are the rags of old clothes and jackets that serve to cover and then are taken off
That undressing and the beautiful naked body underneath
Is the sweetness that comes after grief
The hurts you embrace become joy
Call them to your arms where they may change
– Rumi

Pink heart

pinkheartOnly the second piece of pink seaglass I’ve ever found, paired with a silver heart charm and sold this Wednesday. Some pieces I’m reluctant to let go of, but I can’t wear them all myself!

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My camera is full of Llangrannog sunsets, and why not? Also my Instagram and Facebook feeds…

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